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My name is Peter Madden and I am standing as an independent  candidate in the Dublin Mid West By-Election  on Friday 29th November.

I want you to vote for me on Friday 29th and put me in to Dail Eireann to represent you.

We can be a free and sovereign Irish people if we really want it. Stand up for yourself, stand up for Ireland. 

Vote for freedom and true democracy.

Personal statement

Personal statement to the people of Dublin Mid-West and to the people of Ireland. Please read and share in Dublin Mid West.

Peter Madden : Candidate in Dublin Mid-West constituency by-election November 2019: Independent, Non Party.

My name is Peter Madden. I am a candidate in the Dublin mid-west by election on Friday 29th of November.

I am standing for free speech and the Irish Nation. I stand on the 20 pillars of the Anti-corruption Ireland policy platform.

I love my country and my people. I am an Irish nationalist, a patriot and a campaigner for free speech.
I hate how the liars and bullies are destroying our country. The people of Dublin mid-west have an opportunity to reject all the traitors in Leinster House who do not act in the interests of the welfare of Ireland and the Irish people.
I want you to vote for me on Friday 29th and put me in to Dáil Éireann to represent you.

We can be a free and sovereign Irish people if we really want it. Stand up for yourself, stand up for Ireland.
I pledge to commit myself to work for the remaining period of this Dáil Éireann in the interests of the welfare of the people of Dublin Mid-West and all Irish people. I am an independent candidate. I am not endorsed by any one, nor have I sought endorsement. I do however fully support the aims of the Anti-Corruption Ireland movement.
I live 1.4 kilometres from the Dublin Mid-West constituency border. I have a home in Tallaght since 1989, the eighties, before the square, hospital etc. existed, and there were cows grazing in field where they are now are. Living in west Dublin for 30 years, believe me I know the story.

I do my best to live my life with the Christian values that I was reared with, and I thank my father and mother for that. I also thank them for so much else including my love of nature and my heritage, ár ndúchas.
Many younger people do not know what they are missing. Literally do not know what they are missing. And progressively so, as the generations advance.

If you are older, do you sometimes miss old Ireland, when things were normal, not a sense of regression in time or reality, but in feeling, a feeling that life was/is normal, and for most, within safe parameters.

We live amidst a sick culture of vapid consumerist cultural Marxism. Immoral identity politics that seeks to divide, perverted SexEd for children, Tusla torture for struggling families, Big Pharma and Oil, Big Tech, 5G kill grids, the UN, WHO, and who else, Soros and his henchmen driving his open society, as the Kalergi plan rolls out.
Meanwhile the private central banking cartels tighten the noose.

I’m not standing on any track record; I have never achieved anything of much note. I don’t want to be involved in politics. It is only in the past 12 months that I am truly waking up to the depth of the crisis, both here in Ireland and internationally. 

The Irish Government are not acting in the interests of the Irish people. The EU are not acting in the interest of the Irish people. They are all acting in the interests of the corporatocracy and the ruling globalist cabals.
We no longer live in a democratic country. Democracy requires four pillars, the legislature, the executive, the judiciary and a free and open media. Democracy has been destroyed by networks of influence, operating for centuries. The corruption is coming from the top down. The politicians in Dail Eireann have broken the social contract. 

We are clearly served by a propaganda media acting in the interests of their paymasters and those that control them. But I won’t allow myself to be in an abusive relationship with this or any other Government without fighting back. So, therefore, I am standing for election and available for votes.

I’m horrified by how we as people on this planet are destroying the natural systems of the Earth and destroying wildlife, yes destroying life. As a heritage and environmental professional; and having run my own Heritage and Environmental Services business, I have worked or contracted for amongst others, the EU Environment information agency ENFO; Duchas, Heritage in schools programme, Crann, COFORD, County Council Agenda 21 programme. I reject bogus climate change politics. It is politics, not science, just bad science which is not science, as any scientist will understand, and as a scientist all my adult life I have kept myself very well versed on scientific developments. Recent findings in peer reviewed scientific papers show that the troposphere is in thermal equilibrium, and so CO2 gas in the atmosphere cannot cause global warming. These findings have not yet been shown to be incorrect. You are being played, in a global scam of staggering dimensions.

As somebody who has struggled with the challenge of depression in my life for decades, I am aware of the challenges, mental health challenges, facing people today, which are off the Richter. And all too evident in the terrible loss of life, people taking their own lives due to the stress, the stress of living in the society we are living in today, the world we live in today. A couple of years ago, 2000 people stood up in Roscrea, the town I come from. It grew from the people, it was called Roscrea Stands Up, they were trying to help themselves, up off their knees, off the ground.

So many families and communities have been devastated by suicide. I know that one of the big causes of mental ill health is the oppressive nature of the world we live in, whereby, the powers that be, are bearing down on people and are not working in the interests of the human soul, the human spirit, of humanity. We all are souls and spirits walking the Earth in our lives. We are not cogs in a machine, as they are trying to make us.

Instinctively a person senses that, and their spirit is crushed and broken and that is when they can’t carry on. It does not have to be like that. So, this is what impelled me to try to do something. Some of the other remedies for the despair, men’s sheds, mojo programme etc., though many are worthwhile, can tend to emasculate men and don’t tackle the injustice that eats at the human spirit. 


Going back to Roscrea stands up …
Two years later the men’s shed had, sadly, collapsed and the photo in the paper of the RSU committee was composed of representatives of the of the big five political parties, including Team Lowrey. The organisation had been co-opted by the establishment.

I seek National sovereignty and self-determination, Government, by the Irish people, of the Irish people, for the Irish people. So that we could again decide democratically, for ourselves, how we want to run this country. National sovereignty to enable the people decide.

Whatever happens, citizens of Dublin Mid-West and voters of Ireland I hope that in some small way my candidature will help the movement of Irish national patriotism towards realizing our aims.

We will fight to achieve Irish sovereignty.

Be sure we will achieve Irish sovereignty.

I will do my best for the people of Dublin Mid West.

Peter Madden

CONTACT:      petermadden2020@gmail.com

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